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La Asuncion Company Limited is a family-owned enterprise owned by the Reyes Family in Orange Walk Town. La Asuncion Polyclinic is located at #9 Asuncion Street, Orange Walk Town.

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Providing Quality and Affordable Medical Services to Our Community

July 2023- La Asuncion Company Limited signed a contract with Social Security Board-NHI for the provision of NHI services as a Primary Care Provider (PCP) to the citizens of the Orange Walk District. Registration of patient-members commenced.

November 2023- La Asuncion Company Limited commenced offering NHI services as a Primary Care Provider. La Asuncion Company Limited signed a contract for support services, namely for Imaging Services and Laboratory Services.

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General Consultation

Primary Care Consultation rendered as the basic outpatient clinic that meets the World Health Organization (WHO) definition of a level one facility that includes clinical services.


A diagnostic technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the organs and structures of the body. The test can be used for many purposes.


General diagnostics exams may be ordered by your physician to diagnose conditions in the chest, bone, sinuses, skull or spine. X-rays allow for painless, quick evaluation, often detecting diseases in the early stages, where the chance for recovery is improved. 


An x-ray procedure and it therefore involves some exposure to radiation. However, the amount of radiation is extremely low. Be sure to tell your doctor if you suspect you might be pregnant or if you are breast-feeding.

Laboratory Services

La Asuncion Medical Laboratory provides patients and physicians with quality laboratory testing.

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We are Your Trusted Partner for Quality Healthcare Services

Meet Dr. Javier Reyes

Dr Reyes is a highly-trained professional who is here to support you on your healthcare journey


What Our Clients Say

“I’ve been a patient at La Asuncion Polyclinic for years. Their commitment to quality care is unmatched. From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, they’ve got it all covered!”
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“When my daughter fell ill, La Asuncion Polyclinic was there for us. Their exceptional service and accessible healthcare made a world of difference during a difficult time.”
Happy Client
“As a senior citizen, I appreciate the ease of access to La Asuncion Polyclinic. Their commitment to superior quality care has kept me healthy and active. Many thanks to the team.”
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